Saturday, 9 August 2014

Welcome to my world

Hello lovelies,

So first of all I wanted to say thanks for stopping by "paperbacksandcraftyhacks" - I'll try not to waffle too much ;)

A little about me?

Well, I'm 4"11, a Taurus, born and raised in London and I turned 30 this year. 
I live with my fiancé and our cat Ruckles in a lovely little maisonette, with a nice little back garden and a gorgeous park just around the corner.

This is Ruckles:

This is me & my other half:

We have been dating for 9 and a half years, engaged for 2 and a half, trying to conceive for the last 3, and thankfully pregnant for the last 6 months. 

Our bout with unexplained infertility wasn't a particularly long one compared to some, but it was still pretty rocky. Thankfully we've been blessed and surprised with a little girl - due nov 4th, and we're going to name her Molly.

Why the blog?

I love being creative and I'm always coming accross things I'd like to try - with 3 months before the little one arrives I've decided to crack on with some of these projects I've been putting off for a rainy day!

Im also going to be doing pregnancy week by week updates, I'm already 27 weeks into this gig so it's mainly just the final trimester and then the early weeks of mama-hood. 

I love love love to read, and so I'm going to be posting book reviews, as well as general life chit chat and sharing both the big moments of my life and the small ones with lots of photos :)

I hope you enjoy reading about it all, feel free to message me, comment and/or hopefully follow my little corner of the web.




  1. Lovely blog missy! I've had a read of all your posts! Hope you find time to still do it once Molly arrives!!exciting times :) xx

    1. Hey Hol! Thanks love, that's the plan anyway - I'll prob be blogging at ungodly hours with sleep deprivation but hey!