Sunday, 10 August 2014

Pregnancy update: week 27.

How far along?

I'm currently 27+5 weeks and counting :)

How big is baby?

Baby is about the size of a butternut squash, 2 and a half pounds and about 15 inches from head to heel.

How I'm feeling?

Feeling pretty normal, officially off work now thanks to 5 weeks of annual leave & early maternity leave. Work was becoming very stressful and exhausting and I was finding it hard to cope. Deciding to leave this early was a joint decision and already I feel a million times better and ready to wind down and really relax before little Molly gets here.

Body changes?

Belly bump still gradually getting bigger. Getting the odd day where I feel huge and think these are growth spurt days for little one. Breasts aren't as tender this week. Baby still likes to use my bladder as a beanbag so I'm constantly running to loo again, more than I was even in the first trimester!


No heartburn as of yet. 
Sickness/Nausea is coming back a little, if I don't eat every 2 hours. 
Tiredness also coming back, early afternoon naps are essential now :)


Poached eggs and beans on toast
Chicken nuggets
Mash with everything
KFC gravy

Food aversions?

Milk still makes me nauseas but I try and have a big bowl of cereal every morning because otherwise my calcium intake is rubbish. 
Fruit like apples and strawberries still make me queasy - something about the acidity maybe? OJ too.

Stretch marks?

None yet! Still using "mum&me bump cream" at night before I sleep. I have old stretch marks on hips/thighs from teenage years, so I do get them but so far so good, nothing on my belly.


Once I'm settled in bed I'm okay and Ive been sleeping pretty well this week as long as I don't have a nap after dinner.
My new pregnancy pillow is working a treat for snuggling between my knees without touching my bump - I hate having any fabric touching the bump at all at the minute!

Belly button in/out?

Out :(

Ring on/off?


Highlights this week?

Molly's been moving a lot lately, less random kicks and more actual full belly rolls! I think as she gets bigger she's running out of room so her fidgeting is much more noticeable now. 
She was actually lying hammock style whilst we was walking around matalan on Saturday which was a little uncomfortable but funny. 

The belly shot?

I have no idea how I'm meant to get any bigger over the next 3 months, the third trimester is essentially the growing trimester and I'm already feeling like a bowling ball!

Pretty exciting stuff still, keep growing little one.


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