Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Book Review - The King, Book 12 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series - J. R. Ward.

Hello darlings!

In all honesty it's taken me quite a while to finish this book, but now that I've finally managed to I wanted to review it whilst it was still fresh! 

This was one of my more expensive kindle purchases as it was new out when I bought it, I believe it was over £5 which is rare to have to spend on a kindle book - but I bought it based on previous purchases and I'm sad to say this one didn't really cut the mustard! 

It was soooooo long, and the many different stories going at once didn't work at all and meant my attention wasn't really reeled in. Its a normal formula fo these books so the only think I can think of is that the longer this series draws out, they start to run out of main characters and it starts to include people I don't have any affection or interest in?! Plus I think the language and pop culture references were really starting to bug me.

Weirdly I found the end picked it up a bit, by the final few chapters I had started to enjoy it again, I assume it was because it picked up pace and focused on wrath and Beth a lot more. 

I feel like possibly these books have now run their course, I no longer have an invested interest in finding out how the remaining "singletons" settle down, my favourites have all now been covered and I think that IF I purchased the next book it wouldn't be at that price range and I would hope that the story doesn't drag as much - nearly 600 pages is an awful lot. 

I would give it a 3 out of 5, because even though it didn't excite me as much like previous books in the series have, they are still good books and the ending really did pick up. 

Has anyone else read this series?
What did you think of this book?

What were your favourite books in the series?? (Mine are Z&Bella, Rehvenge&Elehna and Blay&Quinn) 💕



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