Monday, 11 August 2014

Crafty challenge #1: making woolly pom-poms!


My first crafty creative challenge is going to be making woolly pom-poms! 

I've seen them on a few blogs and Pinterest, and walking around Ware town centre lots of these bad boys pop up & I've always wanted make my own!

Granted, it's not the most original and intricate craft to undertake, but they are super cute and really fun to make! Since I bought a pom-pom maker from amazon in order to make this process even easier than normal, I wanted to get cracking on whipping some up and maybe making a garland/bunting type pom-pom creation that I can put in the baby nursery.

First, you will need: 

A pair of scissors
Some wool in a cute colour 
A pom-pom maker or a cardboard version that I've seen around the web.
(I bought mine on amazon for under a fiver for 2, in 2 sizes)

Step 1: start winding the wool around the curved part of the "maker"...

Step 2: keep winding and winding, back and forth until it's fully covered both sides and it's looking pretty chunky - the thicker the wrapping the fluffier the pom poms will be!

Step 3: take the scissors and cut along the outer edge of the entire circle, making sure that the pom-maker stays closed for now.

Step 4: tie some wool/yarn around the middle where you have just cut the wool into two parts, making sure to double knot this part so it keeps everything together and stops straying threads wiggling loose.

Step 5: remove the pom-maker by opening the edges (see above), both top and bottom and pulling the maker apart in the middle - it comes as two pieces that can be easily pushed back together afterwards :) trim any long bits and generally neaten your brand new fluffy pom-pom, sit back and adore! 

As far as tutorials go, it's a simple one - but I'm loving the results and I can't wait to make more and have them all attached to hang up somewhere! 

Thinking of mixing up the colours a little too, maybe even trying a multi-coloured pom-pom or the big tissue paper ones I've seen on Pinterest!

Any one attempted making these in a garland or bunting style design? Would love to see how it's come out for you!


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