Monday, 11 August 2014

Book review - The Pact, Jodi Picoult.

I got this book at a carboot sale for 20p in Ware, and finally got around to reading this last week.

Although I'll try to refrain this may contain some spoilers as I'm useless at being tactful and I'm always spoiling something lol

From the first chapter there was a back and forth between the "now" (the scene I of the incident) and the "then" (their past, and how the adults meet and become friends), it quickly turned into a gripper as you get to the pivotal part of the story that everything revolves around and I then saw the back and forth as necessary to really gauge how intertwined their lives were for so long and as the kids grew how they ended up as close as they did and ultimately in the situation they did.

I really, really enjoyed this and found myself looking forward to picking it up again as soon as I could - it's been a while since I found one I was really into and not just finishing because I hate leaving things unfinished.

I really enjoyed the legal side and the prison scenes, I didn't find it too heavy and followed easily.
I liked the lawyer character, and the small insight into his life. As well as the surprising change of heart I had towards certain characters that I didn't like at first but then started to understand more, and vice versa.

I give this book 4/5. 

It's the first Jodi Picoult I've read and it was a good one, I'll be keeping an eye out for more from her for sure! 

Have any of you read this book? What did you think of it?

Any other Jodi Picoult recommendations? 


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