Tuesday, 9 September 2014

31 weeks - pregnancy update! Hello third trimester moans and groans!

How far along?

I'm currently 32 weeks, so this post focused on week 31's symptoms and happenings.

How big is baby?

Baby is about the size of a bunch of leeks, weighing about 3.3lbs and about 16-18 inches from head to heel. (Considering I'm 4"11, I'm guessing she'll be on lesser end of the height scale, lol) 

How I'm feeling?

Bit up and down with emotions this week, been feeling a little lost/blue mid week and hormones spiked up today due to some conflict with our neighbours - hello waterworks! 

Feeling a little deflated from our NCT classes, 2nd class in and although everyone is really nice I haven't been able to connect with anyone really and I don't know if I really see an ongoing friendship with them... The differences between us that I'm already aware of, such as money, class, education and career makes me feel a little inferior to them and I can't see that going away but I will stick it out if for nothing else but the class content and the fact that it's been paid for already and it will be a huge waste to give up now. 

Body changes & symptoms?

Very very achy pelvis and hips when manouvering around and standing up from a sitting position.

Major pain in my left rib cage after waking in the morning, it literally feels bruised and so painful.. But this eases after being up for an hour. I think it's to do with me having a shorter torso, so I'm showing much quicker and baby has less room to stretch out - but when I'm sleeping she manages to wiggle up prob due to my bladder being full while I'm sleeping and so she's squishing my ribcage!

Walking anywhere is still a problem, I can do it but the pressure on my bladder is pretty ridic! The midwife at our 31 week apt said baby's head is down so that's prob why...

Sicky feeling comes and goes.

Still very very tired and have started sleeping in until 10 or 11 most days which is so unlike me, I'm usually up by 7-8am every morning raring to go! Being a morning person, I was most productive in these early hours, but now I feel so out of it unless I get more sleep.

No heartburn. 

Restless leg syndrome in the early hours of the morning, usually because I've been sleeping in one position too long and it's super annoying. I can only seem to sleep on my left when I go to bed, sleeping on my back isn't very comfy and on my right side is even worse!


Cookies and choc mousse. I usually have zero sweet tooth, so this is unusual for me... A little dabble never hurt anyone :)

Tuna fish & vinegar! (Although I am limiting myself to 2 servings a week, so I don't give birth to mutant tuna girl thanks to too much mercury in the tuna!)

Food aversions?

Acidy fruits.

Stretch marks?

None to speak of, although I think I have some light ones on the underside of my breasts which I don't usually look at. I can't tell if it's just extra veiny or it's actually stretch marks. 

Still using bump cream, and in the evening after a whole day of eating I feel like I may burst but so far the belly has been handling the stretch well. (Touch wood) - worried that they will come after birth and I've no idea how to stop that!!


Average, some nights are better than others. Getting comfortable and staying comfortable is my biggest problem!

Belly button in/out?


Ring on/off?

On <3

The belly shot?

Highlights this week:

Our little shopping trip for some extra bits for Molly. Will post on here my fave bits from this little haul.

Also, been cracking on with the finishing touches to her room - I absolute love it, it's serene and lovely and perfect for a little girl without the usual overdose of baby pink or cream. When it's all finished will do an in-depth room tour type post so you can see what's been keeping us busy!

Have a lovely week! 

L xxx

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