Thursday, 4 September 2014

10 happy moments in my week

After reading a short but sweet post from a blog I read now called "hobbits and hairdye" on what's made her happy this week, it got me thinking about my own happy moments - big & small.

1. The great British bake off - I'm so so late to the party on this one as I've only just started to watch this, 5 seasons in! Plus side, four seasons to gorge myself on in the name of "catching up"!

2. Hearing my little ones strong heartbeat at my latest antenatal apt at 31 weeks & finally understanding which body parts I am feeling rustle around inside me. 

3. Sainsburys choc chip cookies with loads more chips in them than any other I've tasted... Heaven in a cookie! 

4. Suits. Harvey Specters self assured office strutting and excellent hair. The all new Ross & Rachel will they/won't they!? Between Mike Ross & office beaut Rachel 💕 All of Lewis's tricks, Jessica's no nonsense attitude! It's 2014's Ally McBeal without the hallucinations! 

5. New book haul from a car-boot-sale in Ware, 4 new books for £2 :)

6. Finding this adorable onesie for Molly in river island, even though it was in the boys section I just loved it & my girl will look adorable sleeping in her palm tree nightwear :) 

7. Finding an old classic burgundy nail varnish in my draw & giving my toes and fingernails a complete make over before they get too chubby to look cute! It's amazing what a lick of nail varnish can do to make you feel more together! 

8. Extra long lie ins every morning, with my bear cuddled up right bedside me :) 
Maternity leave has been so very relaxing and I'm learning to enjoy the extra sleep and peace while I can. It's almost impossible not to smile and want to drift back to sleep when I wake up and this little nugget is stretching out 💕

9. Grass in our front garden!!!! It's really popped up in the last couple of days and looks so fresh and lush!

10. My mr being attentive as always, but with all the hormones I have floating around I feel extra thankful for him and his endless patience and energy. There's nothing better than a post dinner cuddle and a bit of bake off on telly to make me feel utterly relaxed :) 

Well, that's my 10 happys this last week, what are yours?

L xxx

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